Socially Responsible Filmmaking.


TFlogoFB.jpg – Adversity The Web Series.

What Happens When Eight Writers End Up In A Diversity Fellowship Led By A Racist Exec Left Over From The Days Before Cable?

Morty Fishbein, (Caucasian, 70’s) A racist, sexist former head of programming who’s been given the job of heading the Diversity Writing Program as his last chance to quiet all his sexual harassment lawsuits.

Farah Nejem (Afghani, 20’s) Is a transgender Dari-speaking Afghani who wears a purple burqa, but only when it serves her. Other times, she’s a sexy, rouge-wearing, high-cheekbone stunner who goes clubbing in WeHo. She’s working on a drama set behind the scenes of international beauty contests. (transgender actors a plus)

Courtney White (African-American, 20’s – 30’s) Is a J-Crew-wearing black girl who grew up an Army brat and thus slips in and out of different accents and dialects, often alternating between, “Yunz”, “Y’all”, “Yah”, and “Yo”. She specializes in melodramas that highlight systemic American racism.

Sean Donati, (Caucasian, 30’s), A straight-laced lawyer, with family money, he is Italian, so his dad’s practice may have mafia ties, lots of white privilege, but just screaming to rebel. He’s Jessica’s fiancé, he may be gay, but he also may just be scared of commitment. (must be comfortable with kissing another male actor.)

Jesus Martinez, (Hispanic, 20’s) A buttoned-up Christian Chicano from Chicago who peppers his speech with Spanish and constantly name drops his cousin-by-marriage, Celebrity Chef Roy Choi. He’s working on a Friends knockoff set above a taco shop in Guadalajara.

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