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Adversity: A Comedy Web Series About Diversity

Just reached the two-week mark of our #indiegogo #crowdfundingcampaign and we are deeply humbled by all our supporters. 30 days left. Let’s Do This!!! #webseries #comedy

Make your gift now and follow our progress @

Make your gift now and follow our progress.



First Production Meeting

First production meeting!!! Tamir was leading the production via Skype.


Silencio Title Sequence


Anton Cosmo former member of Boston

Former member of the group Boston, Anton Cosmo is lending us one of his hit songs for Silencio!

Silencio special effects make-up 3/16/12

Silencio shoot. Alejandro Bravo after blood spatter. Special Effects Make-up by Mark (Red Dog) Still raising funds for our student internship. Help us keep arts in school!

First day on the set

Silencio- First Day on Set / with Joe Angeles

Directed by Chris Mammarelli

How exciting! John Muir High School students helped out with the shooting.

Silenco rehearsal ….. a lot of real talent in the room

“Silencio” The Movement

We hope that “Silencio, The Bully Project” is going to be a film that ignites a movement. There is so much need out there across the nation—to organize, to have a way of creating a voice for families that are struggling with this issue.

We envision school-hall meetings across the country, where the film is able to spark a conversation that is honest and real but it doesn’t emerge out of crisis. I think all too often when people talk about bullying, it’s because there is death or some act of violence and everyone has their backs up. I think if we are able to enter into this community with the right partners I think we can have a huge impact. The goal is to just build this massive movement that has tools and that has actionable activity that can really help community.

Tamirfilms Speaking Out Against Bullying with Marianne Williamson

Incidents of bullying are on the rise and many kids suffer in silence. Tamir Yardenne, a film producer talks with Marianne about his new film project Silencio. The film is an all volunteer effort that is giving young people a chance to get involved in the filmaking process and give them a voice to help end bullying. Actor Meshach Taylor is a part

Tamirfilms Internship

We are implementing…

Tamirfilms is offering an opportunity for a free 8-week internship. The Program will target individuals from the East Los Angeles area who are interested in learning about the film making process.
Silencio’s grassroots approach will be to take young Latinos from East Los Angeles and immerse them into an intense 8 week course in film production. Applicants must be between the ages of 14 – 21