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Tamir Yardenne

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Black Actors

black actors

black actors

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Nick Yeh Joins TamirFilms

Nick's Yeh Joins TamirFilms

Nick Yeh Joins TamirFilms    

Nick has a rather “eclectic” background.  With a B.A. in English Literature from National Dong Hwa University (Taiwan), he then obtained a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling Psychology from Boston College in 2004 and then PhD in Cultural Studies with an emphasis on Film & Media at The Claremont Colleges (suburban Los Angeles), focusing on film criticism and audience psychology.  His research revolves around how the audience “decodes” (interprets) messages that a movie is intended to convey and how a film company may package its product with what the audience is looking for taken into account.

Taking up the quill at an early age, Nick initially wanted to be a novelist.  A personal congratulation from an award-winning director on his radio drama in college triggered him to write for another medium.  He has worked with Zahra Pictures as a screenwriter and has an action espionage short currently in post-production.  One of his scripts was selected as a finalist at The Annual Lone Star Action Fest Screenplay Competition sponsored and operated by industry professionals.
Aside from his love for creative writing, Nick has been playing the piano ever since he was 4, along with a few other instruments, which he took up in his teens.  He started improvising at the age of 5 and composes when he has time.  One of his piano solo pieces was used by a mountain resort for its promotional website as background soundtrack.



Dir. Chris Mammarellie – Silencio

Dir. Chris Mammarellie - Silencio

Red Epic, Last day of shooting

“Silencio” starring Meshach Taylor

“Silencio” starring Meshach Talor


A male teenager, raised by a devout Catholic mother, and abusive father questions his manhood. Between being bullied and victimized by peer pressure, he struggles to make sense of the world around him. He crosses paths with a street gang and fails to resist them. Caught in the gang bangers grip, he is forced to commit an unimaginable crime, which leads to heartbreaking circumstances.

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We are sill looking for these roles

Lead / Female / Hispanic / 30 – 45 years
Description: Plays the Mother, Very Religious, EMOTIONAL RANGE
Maria finds out that her son Joseph has been molested by her husband.
She becomes targeted by street gang.

There will be a Rape scene (artistic) – NO NUDITY

Lead / Male / Hispanic / Teens
Description: 18 to play younger, Sensitive, looking for Acceptance, EMOTIONAL RANGE
Joseph was molested by his dad at an early age. He is searching to find himself and falls victim to gang life.


Lead / Male / Hispanic,/ 5 – 8 years
Description: Young Joseph a sensitive little kid who loves his father. Young Joseph is a victim to his dads inappropriate touching, he really has no idea, it all just seems like a game. NO NUDITY
Father son bathroom scene takes place where father and son play games, scene will be shot artistically to imply in-appropriation . Parents must be present on set at all times. We are looking for a father son team preferably.



What Happens in a Film Production Meeting When…!

Yes, what does happen in a film production meeting when everyone in the room has an attitude?

Well I think the producer or director in charge should set the tone of the meeting.

Me as the producer should be able to put everyone at ease and let them know that this is a safe and love

space to able to create and be free. Leave your baggage at the door.