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Celebrity Name Game

Celebrity Name Game
Tamir Yardenne and Samantha Hope in action with
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Tamir Yardenne

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Tamir Yardenne

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An Interview With Actor Tamir Yardenne

Tamir Yardenne is an actor who has appeared on Dexter, The Young and the Restless and NPD Blue. He is the owner of TamirFilms which produced the film Silencio; here is a link t…

Source: An Interview With Actor Tamir Yardenne

An Interview with Tamir Yardenne

By Melina Chadbourne Storytellers do not walk a straight path. Unexpected turns and changes in the road occur, bringing them to a place they did not anticipate. However, what always will remain the…

Source: An Interview with Tamir Yardenne

Rewriting the Rewrite in 5 Steps

Rewriting the short film Family Law consumed my time a few years back, but it was worth the effort once the film festival season began. The film took home numerous awards including: Best Screenplay…

Source: Rewriting the Rewrite in 5 Steps

First Production Meeting

First production meeting!!! Tamir was leading the production via Skype.


NYU Alumni, WGA Screenwriter, actor and Producer Starts New Web-Series

Bye Felicia the series, a sometimes funny, often bittersweet character driven narrative about racism, survival and enduring hope. ‪#‎byefelicia‬

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Bye Felicia

Miss Stevens

ADR on Miss Stevens today, staring Lily Rabe. Such a pleasure to work with. Dir. Julia Hart and Producer Jordan Horowitz, thank you…ADR ain’t easy, Very technical. Thank God for training! (NYU)

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