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John Truby’s 22 Steps

John Truby is an American scriptwriter, who’s accolades include serving as a consultant for over 1,000 scripts over the past three decades including writing some of the episodes from the hit …

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Tamir Yardenne and Mark-Paul Gosselaar, together again…

Here we are in a scene, img_0390img_0411img_0399 Mark-Paul Gosselaarand I on NYPD Blue and again in 2016 on Celebrity Name Game…

Bye Felicia, Sundance 2016 New Voices Lab

Well AGAIN, My script Bye Felicia is in the final round for Sundance 2106 New Voices Lab. Maybe, this time, we’ll get in. Hold us in prayer!

not this time…..we came close….. sad face! lol


Celebrity Name Game

Celebrity Name Game
Tamir Yardenne and Samantha Hope in action with
#Mark-Paul Gosselaar and #Breckinmeyerimg_0399img_0411img_0390
#tamirfilms #tamiryardenne

Tamir Yardenne

#tamir, #tamirfilms, #tamiryardenne

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Tamir Yardenne

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An Interview With Actor Tamir Yardenne

Tamir Yardenne is an actor who has appeared on Dexter, The Young and the Restless and NPD Blue. He is the owner of TamirFilms which produced the film Silencio; here is a link t…

Source: An Interview With Actor Tamir Yardenne

An Interview with Tamir Yardenne

By Melina Chadbourne Storytellers do not walk a straight path. Unexpected turns and changes in the road occur, bringing them to a place they did not anticipate. However, what always will remain the…

Source: An Interview with Tamir Yardenne

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